Parrot Distilling & Co

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Parrot Distilling & Co

Parrot Gin has Taken Flight so today gin lovers can harken back to a signature hand-crafted liquor that stands head and feathers above the competition. For those who honour master craftsmanship and a distinction for truly fine gin, the eagle has finally landed. Except, it’s a parrot.

Hand-crafted by younger new-world enthusiasts paying homage to the classic art of distilling. A recipe as unique as it is refreshing, it hails from a team devoted to bringing you an unparalleled gin experience.

We knew when we tasted this fine drop, and met the passionate team at Parrot Distilling, and with all the focus on Premium Australian Gin we needed to create something special that pays homage to the founder’s love of Gin, but also its roots and the fact it was founded in Country NSW in Orange.

Our intensive research phase highlighted the increasingly congested Alcohol market. Especially in the Premium Australian Gin sector that has emerged from virtually nothing in the past five years, a wealth of new brands in the space means that cut-through is exceptionally difficult to achieve.

Bringing in a winged mascot illustration whom we called the Master Distiller was the best way to bring in an old-world brand that would bring on a sense of nostalgia.  Mixed with the typography and Burnt Orange and Navy with touches of copper Parrot Distilling Co was born. Our winged brand asset would mythically carry old world recipes for crafting the best Australian Gin. With a wisp of juniper in his beak from Orange NSW and a wink in his eye, The Master Distiller reminds a new generation of what a true tonic should taste like.

The branding execution has been a highly successful, with the brand already soaring to International heights for distribution in the Europe and the United States.



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