Purebred Fitness

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Purebred Fitness

Purebred Fitness commissioned Ideas to revamp their logo, brand essence, visual guidelines, communications tone of voice and develop a new website.

The centre had a loyal local following, but was having trouble establishing cut-through in an exceptionally congested fitness market.

The key challenge in this case was developing an overarching communications platform communicates Purebred’s essence simply and clearly, and provide them with brand currency that will drive customers to their services, and allow them to own their communications platform.

Our research phase identified a key takeaway – that a modern obsession with lifestyle and wellness messaging leaves customers weary of centres that overpromise and deliver. Furthermore, the rise of big box gym franchises has swung too far away from local, friendly expertise. Customers put immense value on the idea of community – the idea of being part of a group of like-minded individuals, who don’t judge others on who they are or where they’ve come from – all that matters is a mutual drive to better themselves.

This learning was the foundation of the rebrand and messaging platform – positioning Purebred as a destination for people to improve themselves regardless of their current level of fitness.

The messaging, brought to life across all assets from the website through to social media, strongly pushes this ethos.

Ideas developed a clear visual aesthetic, driven by a strong green palette – think traffic lights, with a green light clearing the individual for success.

Ideas designed and developed the website. Our research phase highlighted a clear point of contention amongst regular fitness attendees – websites were frequently clustered, overloaded with information, and providing the necessary information in an unclear and convoluted manner. The website is a simple, straightforward execution that communicates the Purebred ethos, all the necessary information, and nothing else. We want our bodies to be lean and powerful, so why not do the same for our websites.

The brand implementation has been exceptionally well received by the community, with Purebred extending its customer base beyond its immediate geographic location, attendees increasing, and customer retention improving