Treet Playcentre

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Treet Playcentre

Welcome to Treet!
Sit down and let us tell you our story,
Somewhere along the way, raising a family became more challenging. And it’s little wonder. They say it takes a village to raise a child, yet look around you, the world has changed the village is still there, but it’s built on a new language of connection.

As a growing family, finding support and inspiration is everything. Treet is much more than a playcentre for children. We believe that thriving children come from thriving families. When growing up is a more joyous journey for everyone, communities come to life, and the world is simply a better place.

Listening to the founder Mia and her passion and joy she had for her beautiful son Oscar was the starting point of creating something truly beautiful together.

This brand concept shows Treet is modern and forward thinking through the use of minimal modern design. Stripping back unnecessary elements and giving the brand an approachable contemporary appearance. Leading with white and warm greys but bringing in natural elements in a controlled and considered way. Trees, plants and wood bring this contemporary forward thinking brand to life.