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    Project Overview

    Real People Empowered
    High Performance Strategy Specialists.

    Goal Our goal was to help our client redefine their brand identity and create a website that authentically represents their values of authenticity, empowerment, continuous learning, and delivering inspiring results. We were also tasked with strategically realigning the clients service offerings to incapsulate their new suite of online tools.

    Answer In partnership with the leadership team at Real People Equity, we embarked on a transformative journey to bring their new brand to life. Collaboratively, we reimagined their brand identity, capturing the essence of their authenticity, people-centric approach, and commitment to continuous learning and innovation. "Real People Empowered" perfectly reflects their authentic approach of “Empowering People to be Future-Ready Faster” and the vibrancy of the team. Our team of experts leveraged strategic insights to develop a vibrant new website that showcased Real People Empowered's values and unique offerings.

    What We Did * Brand Strategy
    * Brand Transformation
    * Website Design
    * Website UI and UX
    * eCommerce Integration
    * Stationery & Collateral
    * Digital Marketing
    * Print Services
    * Content Creation
    * PR and Press Releases
    * Marketing Campaigns
    * Online Reputation Management

    Review, Redefine
    & Reimagine.

    Embark on a remarkable journey of transformation. We reimagined their brand identity and crafted a vibrant new website that authentically reflects who they are. Say goodbye to the old "Real People Equity" and welcome a fresh, dynamic era. "Real People Empowered" goes beyond a simple name change - it represents their unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and organisations to unlock their true potential.



    REA .


    The extraordinary transformation of Real People Equity into Real People Empowered.

    Guided by a commitment to authenticity, empowerment, continuous learning, and delivering exceptional results, we redefined their brand identity. Through careful analysis and creative execution, we developed a vibrant visual language that captures their essence. The result is a fresh, modern brand that reflects Real People Empowered’s high-performance strategy expertise. With a visually stunning website as their platform, they connect with clients, partners, and stakeholders, inspiring trust and delivering real results.

    New Paths to Empowerment.

    Real People Empowered are High Performance Strategy Specialists. We introduced bespoke brands for two new flagship programs that reflect Real People Empowered's commitment to delivering real outcomes for their clients and partners. For individuals seeking personal and professional growth, we present Accelerate. This program is tailored to empower individuals to reach new heights and unlock their true potential. Ignite is designed specifically for organisations and leadership teams, providing a catalyst for growth and success. With Ignite, organisations can harness their full potential and ignite a culture of excellence.

    Accelerate is a comprehensive program designed to empower individuals for future success. It includes a streamlined onboarding process, personalised leadership coaching, and impactful diagnostics. By combining purple and pink in the branding for Accelerate, we created a visually striking and harmonious blend that captures the essence of the program. Purple represents qualities such as creativity, ambition, and transformation. It signifies the program's focus on empowering individuals to unlock their potential, embrace personal growth, and embark on a transformative journey. Pink, on the other hand, symbolises qualities such as compassion, nurturing, and positivity. It reflects the supportive and inclusive nature of the Accelerate program, where individuals are encouraged to embrace their strengths, overcome challenges, and build meaningful connections. This colour scheme conveys a sense of innovation, empowerment, and personal transformation, reflecting the program's purpose of enabling individuals to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

    Ignite is an all-encompassing program designed to empower organisations and senior leadership teams, igniting their potential and delivering results that inspire. The choice of orange and purple in the branding of Ignite were carefully selected to reflect the essence and energy of the program. Orange symbolises enthusiasm, creativity, and warmth. An invigorating colour that inspires action, innovation, and forward thinking. It evokes a sense of optimism and excitement, signalling the transformative nature of the program. Purple represents wisdom, ambition, and leadership. It embodies the idea of empowerment and growth that Ignite aims to cultivate. Purple represents the depth of knowledge and expertise that our program offers, empowering organisations and individuals to reach their full potential. By combining orange and purple in the branding of Ignite, we create a powerful visual representation of the program's purpose. The vibrant combination of these colours conveys the dynamic and transformative nature of the program.

    “We have partnered with Ideas Marketing on a number of occasions in relation to Brand transformation. Initially, we engaged for a "logo refresh" and most recently, the Ideas team partnered with us on the total Brand transformation and website rebuild of our Business. This marked a monumental moment in our business journey which occurred over a period of 6 months where Scott's creative lead, Pete's operational excellence and the entire team's expertise was so easily blended with us to ensure a successful, truly aligned brand and proposition emerged. We are so proud of where this landed for us and we know that it could not have happened as beautifully, practically and creatively as it did without the partnership and confidence of the team. They are truly passionate about what they do, and you can see it in all that they do. We highly recommend working with Ideas Marketing for your Brand Strategy & Design evolution!" - Marcella Davis

    Iconic and

    Our goal was to design visuals that truly represented each program and section, bringing them to life with authenticity. With a deep understanding of the power of visual communication, our talented team of designers ensured that every icon and image captured the essence and message of the respective program, effectively conveying its purpose and value. From the vibrant icons representing their "Ignite" and "Accelerate" programs to the captivating visuals showcasing the various sections, our custom-designed graphics added depth, personality, and a touch of creativity to the overall user experience. We believe that these carefully crafted visuals enhance the connection between Real People Empowered and their audience, leaving a lasting impression and elevating the overall brand experience.

    Building a Strong Brand Identity.

    We created comprehensive brand guidelines for Real People Empowered that ensure consistency across all touchpoints, reflecting their core values and empowering message.

    From the carefully crafted logo to the thoughtfully selected typography and vibrant colour palette that evoke emotions, every element was designed to create a memorable brand experience. We captured the core values, energy and essence of Real People Empowered. With these guidelines, the team can confidently communicate their message, forge strong connections, and establish themselves as industry leaders.

    Igniting the Digital Experience.

    With every scroll and interaction, the website immerses users in a world of empowerment, inspiring them to explore the possibilities that lie ahead. We crafted a visually striking website that seamlessly blends the brand's captivating colours and engaging imagery. Through innovative design techniques and thoughtful user experience considerations, we transformed their online platform into a true masterpiece. Emphasizing the two flagship programs, Accelerate and Ignite, the website showcases the dynamic nature of these offerings through vibrant visuals and intuitive navigation. The striking colour palettes harmoniously reflects the essence of each program, while the carefully curated imagery captivates visitors and sparks their curiosity.

    Real People Empowered's website is not just an online platform; it's an invitation to embark on a transformative journey towards personal and organisational growth.

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