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[ideas] Marketing Solutions has developed the complete branding platform for WorkBee, including positioning, brand essence, naming, identity, visual identity, logo, website, and ongoing marketing program.

Our intensive research phase highlighted the increasingly congested co-working market. Especially in a sector that has emerged from virtually nothing in the past five years, a wealth of new brands in the space means that cut-through is exceptionally difficult to achieve.

A recurring theme highlighted by prospective users during our interview phase was a desire to work in a flexible space that felt energised, and full of life. Although the space of a competitor may have a location, price point, and facilities that suit customers, many of our target market felt that those spaces lacked a true feeling of collaboration – of working in an environment where they could feed off the ideas, experience, and enthusiasm of others.

This powerful insight was used as the foundation of the brand essence – a collaborative, lively space where users feel a sense of community.

The final Workbee brand platform is a playful, extroverted identity that brings life and vitality to the space. We felt that a hive was a perfect representation of the brand identity – a structure where the residents do truly collaborate, and utilise each others’ strengths to further the group as a whole.

WorkBee’s visual identity is built around the hive element. A strong palette consolidates the space’s emotional purpose – yellow for activity, energy, intellect and happiness, boldly offset by black.

Another unique aspect of our target demographic was highlighted during the research phase. Coworking space users come from a wealth of backgrounds, and span the complete spectrum of personalities, but one characteristic applies to all of them – entrepreneurship and drive,

and a deep sense of initiative. This persona is used as the basis of Workbee’s marketing tone of voice. In all platforms, Workbee’s voice speaks strongly of nurturing its members, and building a collaborative community that allows each one to reach their individual potential.

The branding execution has been a highly successful, with the space beating its targets for user uptake, and the continuing marketing platform providing significant leads.