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    Project Overview

    A brand takes flight.

    Goal Parrot Distilling Co's mission was to produce a range of spirits that was heads and feathers above the rest. We wanted to create a brandmark that would stand the test of time from Parrot Distilling Co's uncompromising commitment and dedication to a superior gin, empowered by old-world distilling techniques.

    Answer For over 4 years, the [ideas] team have been entrusted with building the Parrot Distilling Co brand aviary from the perch up. We created a suite of products with custom label designs that showcase the Master Distiller's creations and the ingredients that make each spirit special. The challenge was to create a contemporary solution that can be built upon as new flavours take flight. We created a full branding platform for Parrot Distilling Co. This included all touchpoints made up of research & strategy, conceptualisation & design, labels & packaging, website design and development, branded stationary & printed parts, signage & graphics and photography.

    What We Did * Brand Identity
    * Brand Strategy
    * Website Design
    * Digital Marketing
    * Content Creation
    * Packaging Design
    * Website UI and UX
    * Marketing Campaigns

    Master Distiller.

    We created a winged mascot, whom we lovingly named the Master Distiller. The Master Distiller fuses knowledge and technique with instinct and old-world secrets to craft distinct, premium gin. With a wisp of juniper in his beak and a wink in his eye, the Master Distiller reminds a new generation of what you can do with fresh ingredients and know-how.

    REA .

    Dry, Distinct & Hand Crafted.

    Driven by a desire to continually innovate and push the boundaries of design, the [ideas] team have been entrusted for over 5 years with building an aviary for the Parrot brand. Incorporating a wide array of touchpoints for Parrot to continually take the brand to new heights.

    Introducing the Nest.

    Creating a core range was the initial challenge as we were to create a contemporary classic packaging style, with the flexibility to spread our wings as we added new products to the nest overtime. Followed by limited edition creations where the Master Distiller and his winged mascot can create the most extraordinary tastes wrapped in brilliant design. Hand-crafted by new-world enthusiasts paying homage to the classic art of distilling - you're cordially invited to experience a superior gin that has been blended with unparalleled passion in Orange, NSW. With recipes that are as unique as they are refreshing, the gin-enthusiasts at Parrot Distilling Co invite you to let your senses take flight.

    "Creative legends! Thank you Scott. Ideas Marketing Solutions helped create a beautiful yet premium brand that is already receiving so much love! You really understood the vision of introducing a premium gin and we're so proud the Parrot has now flown the coup and spreading it's wings far and wide! THANK YOU!" - Ben Cochrane

    Digital Wonderland.

    Like its namesake, Parrot’s world-class gin is free, fun and full of spirit. We crafted a website that takes the patron on a journey of discovery. Nostalgic elements carefully showcase the countless hours experimenting with botanicals and ingredients to create the finest hand-crafted gin, while honouring the old-world distilling techniques. Experience the high seas or travel through an enchanted forest with beautiful animations that invoke curiosity and express the obsessive quest from the distant dream that hatched and took flight.

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    From creating an
    Enchanted Wonderland…

    With complete label design and conceptualisation, the [ideas] team crafted a magical concept that will take you down the rabbit hole to enjoy new twists on old favourites.

    The [ideas] team, in collaboration with Parrot's Master Distiller's passion, knowledge and distilling techniques matched with old-world secrets, have created spirits so delicious and captivating in design, you’ll be transported to your very own wonderland.

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    …to sailing the Seven Seas searching for
    Hidden Treasures.

    Wherever we want to go, we'll go. Ahoy me hearties!

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