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    Project Overview

    BDC Services
    Simplified IT Infrastructure Sourcing & Servicing

    Goal Nothing is more exciting than a brand refresh! BDC have achieved great success and growth since their founder Brendan Dunne started the company back in 2017. After taking the BDC team through our Strategic Brand Transformation process it was clear they had outgrown their old brand. As true market leaders it was time to provide a fresh, distinguished, modern approach that would elevate the overall brand and reposition BDC Services as a disruptor.

    Answer We created a modern logo concept utilising the letter "B" as it's own lockup. We further utilised the stripe element throughout all printed parts and even animated the stripe to showcase the shimmering coloured effect across all digital touchpoints. We have crafted a unique website to be a true showstopper in the crowded IT space utilising colours, and custom iconography to break up services and the solutions that BDC offer.

    What We Did * Staff Apparel
    * Brand Identity
    * Brand Strategy
    * Website Design
    * Digital Marketing
    * Content Creation
    * Website UI and UX
    * Website Development

    A brand evolved.

    BDC Services provides consultation, installation and maintenance for your business critical IT environments. We partner with leading vendors of Business Continuity Solutions, Critical Infrastructure Monitoring, Cloud Services, IT Infrastructure, Connectivity, Power & Cooling. We transformed the brand from the standard blues and greys, to an unapologetically black and white theme with a polychromatic stripe element representing data continuity.



    REA .

    Technically timeless.

    We created a striking business card for the BDC team incorporating the metallic polychromatic ribbon found on all digital touchpoints. The business cards are exquisitely crafted from extra-thick, raw black luxury paper with white foil wordmark embossed and glossed to emulate data continuity.

    “Having worked with numerous web design agencies over the years I can confidently say [ideas] are one of the best in the industry. The entire team were exceptional to work with right from the initial kick-off meeting all the way through to the website going live." - Brendan Dunne

    Iconic and

    Complexity simplified.

    Lots of great ideas are ruined by a lack of ambition, but also by a lack of distinction between what is beautiful and what is useful.

    This is why we take plenty of time to study your targets before suggesting an optimised, realistic user experience. We apply our highest standards to every aspect of our process in order to make your project an outstanding experience.

    We're bringing sexy back.

    The new website is a true marvel. It's beautiful, easy to navigate and did we mention it's beautiful too? We did the impossible and transformed an outdated, generically clunky website into a UX masterpiece. Applying the new colour pallet throughout the website with tasteful animations, the user is guided through each page intuitively using colour theory and custom iconography.

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    The Company We Keep Our clients are leaders in their chosen fields. We are proud partners of their ongoing success.

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