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    Project Overview

    Simply awesome phone solutions.

    Goal The team at Pickle reached out to Ideas with the brief of building a website that was more user friendly with animations, explainer videos and infographics to simplify their overall offering. Ideas also created a series of user journey marketing strategy to increase lead generation.

    Answer Through an intensive, collaborative workshop, research and interview phase, Ideas developed a new website that speaks to the key concerns of the target audience. We designed a refreshed website that is intuitive, innovative, and friendly to navigate. We created a unique customer journey that preempts the users needs, providing an intuitive experience. The website is a mobile-first, one-stop-shop, where users can select a phone number, choose a plan and develop complex call handling solutions in the mobile app, in a matter of minutes.

    What We Did * Brand Identity
    * Brand Strategy
    * Website Design
    * Explainer Videos
    * Digital Marketing
    * Content Creation
    * Website UI and UX
    * Marketing Collateral
    * Marketing Campaigns
    * Apparel and Merchandise


    Pickle is a leading provider of inbound telecommunications solutions, including 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers and advanced telephone systems and analytics. Our vision for Pickle was clear - simplify the digital experience and increase lead generation with an array of engaging campaigns targeted towards SME business operators. We wanted the brand to to be different, fun and stand out in the crowd of boring Telco providers. In summary, we wanted to be Simply Awesome.

    REAREA .

    A website platform with customer portal.

    See how we created a complete brand solution Pickle with customer portal to manage all your complexed telecommunication needs. Create complexed flows, add voice artists to your IVR, manage bills, add numbers and much more...

    The Campaigns.

    We created multiple memorable campaign to help build the the customer base for Pickle. Our Extreme 35 Virtual number was pop art masterpiece with fun graphic elements to bring it all the life.

    REA .

    Its a bird, its a plane, no its Super Pickle.

    Super pickle would appear when their was a fault with their service, theres no better guy to get you back on track. We created Super Pickle as a fun way to let customer know they're in good hands as Super Pickle is on the case to fix their outage


    Getting your message across can be hard at times, thats why we created a set of fun explainer animation videos to explain what Pickle does in a number of the core offerings, like What is a 1300 Number? & what is a 1800 number. We created a video storyboard and animated our her mascot to tell the story in a number of scenes where we Mr brought Pickle to life.


    IDEAS are where ideas are made, my company focuses on the development of solid and memorable brands for businesses. It allows businesses we work with to forge a strategy first identity, solidifying a brand and message that will allow them to reach their target market with a representative and memorable first impression.

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    REA .

    Custom icongraphy.

    Custom Iconography to be used throughout the website and when communication was required with a creative elements

    Custom graphic illustrations.

    Lots of great ideas are ruined by a lack of ambition, but also by a lack of distinction between what is beautiful and what is useful. This is why we take plenty of time to study your targets before suggesting an optimised, realistic user experience in some cases that involves creating custom graphic illustration to being your brand to life and tell a story that allows you to be more memorable

    Un lien très fort

    Pickle mascots.

    We created a fun selection of Mascots to help personalise Pickle when it came to social media or to be used through the website, like IVR professional recording pickle rocking his headsets telling you about hwo to create a professional voice script. Christmas Pickle to add a little fun to bills at Christmas time

    The Company We Keep Our clients are leaders in their chosen fields. We are proud partners of their ongoing success.

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