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    Project Overview

    "On your side since 2001"

    Goal To create an elevated brand that better represents the quality of service provided by the Propertybuyer team. Being Australia's number one buying agency, we wanted to restructure the brand architecture to be a branded house model, so the localised teams are better represented in their specialised service areas. This transformation also required simplifying and creating uniformity across all printed parts and to provide a seamless customer journey in all digital touchpoints.

    Answer We restructured Propertybuyer’s brand architecture and provided them with a master brand and localised sub brands for each office location. We crafted a new elevated typography, logomark complemented by a distinctive colour palette of forest green, soft cream and copper for embellishments that emulate the sand and sea which are an iconic benchmark for a brand that stretches the east coast of Australia.

    What We Did * Brand Identity
    * Brand Strategy
    * Website Design
    * Digital Marketing
    * Content Creation
    * Website UI and UX
    * Marketing Campaigns
    * Apparel and Merchandise
    * Online Reputation Management

    Knock down, rebuild.

    See how we renovated Australia's leading buyers agency. CEO and Founder, Rich Harvey engaged our team to elevate the Propertybuyer East image, to better represent the luxury end of the market which this office serves. From one office to flipping the entire brand nationally, we are proud to call Propertybuyer a key partner and we continue supporting them for all their ongoing marketing requirements.



    REA .

    A ripple in time.

    Where the coastline meets the sea. A ribbon of copper elegance representing our beautiful coastline, silhouetted by striking ocean and natural elements. This alluring image symbolises the iconic coast of Australia and the land that we proudly call home.

    Location, location.

    A distinguished business card for the prestigious Propertybuyer team

    We created a beautiful selection of localised printed parts for each office location and print management to create an exquisite luxe business cards, extra-thick, super-fine luxury paper with copper foil wordmark embossed and glossed to emulate the sand and sea.

    It’s the details that count.

    From personalised thank you cards to settlement gifts in custom tissue wrap and boxed designs.

    Professional designed stationery sets the tone, showcasing the Propertybuyer brand at the height of excellence and professionalism. Having a selection of high quality business stationery elevated the brand and their public profile. That's why our reputation is unrivalled when it comes to printed touchpoints as we don't settle for anything less than perfection.

    Digital Makeover.

    We did more than just apply a fresh coat of paint.

    We did a complete renovation of the website, enhancing the UI and UX to provide a simplified navigation with a focus on localised pages. We kept the client experience front and centre, with geo-targeting to automatically direct traffic to the best landing page based on their location or buying preferences. We also incorporated an inbuilt media centre that lives within the dynamic menu navigation. Visitors now have access to live podcasts, webinars, market updates and a new resource centre to empower their clients to make informed property choices.

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    The Company We Keep Our clients are leaders in their chosen fields. We are proud partners of their ongoing success.

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